Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kirkpatrick Model Level3 evaluation in Taleo Learn

One of the most common models used for measuring training effectiveness is the Kirkpatrick Model. This model measures four levels of training effectiveness as shown below:

The four levels of evaluation in Kirkpatrick Model

Measurement of first and second levels is straightforward and can be easily handled in Taleo Learn. Level 3 measures the impact of training on performance of the employee/degree of behavioral change. Typically, these are measured after the training and involves the employee's supervisor who provides a feedback on the observed impact on performance of the training.

Taleo Learn facilitates Level 3 measurement using the concept of "Delayed Surveys". Delayed Surveys can be used to send out an evaluation form or survey to an employee's manager, specific number of days after the completion of an Instructor Lead Training session. The steps to setup a Delayed Survey is as below:

1. Create a new assessment with type of "survey" and define the questions that need to be part of the Level 3 evaluation.
2. Once the assessment has been created, create a survey as shown below, where you can mention the number of days after the course completion when you need the survey to be sent out.

Setup of a delayed survey requires you to fil up the "Number of days to delay survey delivery" option

3. Select the assessment created in step 1 and attach to the "Supervisor Survey" option on the above page. This will send out the selected survey questionnaire to the employee's supervisor
4. Add the Delayed Survey dynamic object on your Learn homepage, so that managers can view any delayed survey that has been sent to them.
5. Enable reports to view results of the Level 3 survey provided
6. Review notifications related to delayed survey and enable/modify as required.

As they say, 'you can't manage what you can't measure' and the measurement of impact of training on day to day job performance of an employee is a critical performance index for any organization. While delayed surveys is a powerful mechanism to measure this, you can also look at extending L3 measurement to performance reviews, development conversations and your employee surveys.

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