Wednesday, August 25, 2010

GP Formula Text Builder

The application package GP_FORMULA_PARSER can be utilized to generate the Formula Text of a Global Payroll or Absence Management formula. This is the base package that is used in the formula definition page as well as in the rule package compare utility, to expand the seemingly 'cryptic' GP formulae. The method ConvertRowsetToText takes the GP_FORMULA_DTL rowset as one of the input parameters and returns a string containing the parsed formula definition. The only problem I found with the output was that it contained HTML tags which had to be stripped off for use in a non-HTML context. This can be a very handy utility to quickly generate the formulae text for comparison and documentation purposes.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Reusable methods in Peoplesoft Time and Labor and Absence Management - 9.0/8.49.15

I have compiled a short list of delivered methods in application packages for both T&L and Absence Management. I believe that it is important that developers know and understand these methods as it can be reused to save development effort as well as increase quality of coding. You can find the list in the below location:
Time and Labor Methods for Reuse