Friday, June 17, 2016

Driving field level validations in Taleo using Javascript API

The Javascript API available in Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud can be utilised to drive field level validations and calculations. This is especially useful in the offer process, where specific offer components can be auto-calculated based on the base salary. The paper looks at the framework in general and illustrates the application of the same with an example scenario.


Unknown said...


while creating bookmark ,after created bookmark using this script
{var x= getTextInControl("salary");
var y=x * 0.12;

it is been covered to this and nothing is been happening after invoking


Plz help

Jiju Vengal said...

Hi Kiran,
You will need to use the correct reference names of the fields as in your zone. I believe you have copied over the code from the white paper I published and this may not work in your zone. The field references of "salary" and "EBA_5fName_5fOUDF" is from my zone and this might be different from the zone you are using. Do ensure that you are getting the right field reference for this to work.


Jiju Vengal said...

Additionally - please check the whitepaper where I have mentioned how you can get the field id reference for the field in question. Kindly use that approach to get the correct field id of the fields you are using in your zone.

Best regards,