Monday, July 6, 2015

Disabling "Apply" functionality in Taleo career sections

Quick tip of the day
A number of customers I've worked with have requested to disable the option to apply for internal jobs in a Taleo career section. Most often these customers have unique internal mobility processes that they prefer to retain in existing systems/processes. Yet, they want to use the internal career section feature of Taleo to post jobs and drive employee referrals. 
Another user case is industries where employees do not readily have access to computers or in certain cases do not even have a company e-mail address. In such scenarios, organisations just want to use the Taleo internal career section as a job board to let employees know of the available opportunities and do not want to drive electronic self-service application by employees.

So, how do we achieve this requirement of being able to refer friends on the internal career site without the capability for employees to apply for jobs?

Do not attach any application flow to the Job specific application flow configuration of a career section. If no job specific application flow is attached to a career section, the "Apply" button will not be displayed.
The below figure illustrates the career section configuration to achieve the above requirement.
Leave Job specific application flow blank to remove the "Apply" capability in a career section

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fusion HCM R10 Release Highlights

Fusion HCM Release 10 documents are available now on the Release Readiness site. Check it out here for a preview of the upcoming features.
And bookmark the Release Readiness site as it's an extremely useful site.