Monday, May 30, 2016

On the Bulk Loader feature in Taleo Learn

With thousands of enrollments, mass updates of attendance, mass creation of courses etc. Learning Management is easily one of the most transaction intensive of HR processes. Let's look at some of the business scenarios where mass transactions are involved in a typical learning management process:

1. Instructor Lead Training schedule/calendar to be updated in the LMS
2. Enrolling all new hires into a compliance course
3. Updating attendance of all employees who attended an Instructor Lead Training session
4. Enrolling High Potential employees into a Leadership development program
5. Migration of learning history from a previous LMS

To cater to such requirements of mass transactions, Oracle Learning Cloud (Taleo Learn) introduced the 'Bulk Loader' features few releases back. The bulk loader feature which started off with options to mass create Instructor Lead Trainings (ILTs), has been significantly expanded in the latest release to cover the following functionalities:

a. Create/Update ILT events, tracks, sessions, enrollment
b. Create Learncenter authored courses
c. Map items to categories
d. Manage pre and post-enrollment status of employees
e. Map employees to Learning Plans
f. Manager course completion status of employees

Bulk Loader is available in the Configuration center of Oracle Learning Cloud, allowing L&D administrators to carry out these transactions directly from the web UI. The tool is extremely intuitive as it works like a guided process and provides file templates to be used as well. L&D Administrators should be able to utilise this with minimal or almost no training (which is what cloud solutions are all about).

This feature brings in important considerations from an implementation standpoint as well:

1. Now, partners and customers will be able to carry out migration of training history into Oracle Learning Cloud, without depending on Oracle Consulting. This was earlier restricted only to Oracle Consulting, but bulk loader opens this up for the partner ecosystem, which is great!

2. Post-enrollment status can be updated using bulk loader now. This addresses the need to update 'attendance'/'completion' details of Instructor Lead Trainings. Note that bulk loader can also be scheduled now, bringing in the possibility to automate the updation of post-enrollment statuses in case attendance for a class is tracked externally.

3. A good amount of the initial ILT setup, typically done during the cutover to the product can now be managed through bulk loader.

4. Ensure that the L&D Administrators are fully aware of this feature as this will help to minimise administrative overheads during operations. L&D Admins should love this feature as it involves zero technical overhead!

All in all, this is a great addition to the product which should be utilized by implementation consultants and L&D Administrators alike. 

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