Friday, August 21, 2015

Assignments vs. Enrollments in Taleo Learn

Found this quick reference table in My Oracle Support, that gives an overview of the main differences between Assignments and Enrollments in Taleo Learn. Hope you find it informative!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Capturing Training Interest in Oracle Learn Cloud

Training Needs Analysis is an integral part of most corporate learning and development strategy. While majority of the training needs are based on the overall organizational strategy and capabilities, it is important to gather individual training needs as well.

In this post we look at utilising the "Training Offerings" feature available in Oracle Learn cloud (formerly Taleo Learn) to enable training departments gauge interest for specific training items. 

Introducing the Training Offerings feature
Let's take the example of a Corporate Information Security compliance training that all employees need to complete within 3 months of joining a company. The company offers an online course as well as class room based training sessions for this. Employees can attend either the classroom training or the online course to complete the Information Security training. This is where Training Offerings come in. Training Offerings allow Learning and Development departments to bundle in multiple training methods into a single collection, giving employees the flexibility to take up the mode of training that suits them best and complete the overall training. 

Utilising Training Offerings to gauge employee training needs analysis
You can create a Training Offering without linking any learning items to it. This empty Training Offering can be opened up to employees to mark their interest in the offering. When a learning item is added to the training offering later on, the employees who showed their interest will be notified of the same. Similarly, the administrator of the Training Offering can view the employees who have shown interest for specific training offerings.

As shown in the image below, employees can indicate their interest for a potential training offering by clicking on the "envelope icon" next to an offering:

The image below shows the Administrator view of Training Offerings, where the administrator can view the employees who have expressed interest for a specific training offering

Post Note:
Driven by technology and workplace organisation changes, corporate learning is undergoing a tectonic transformation. In this new context where employees learn on the go and from sources far beyond the walls of a corporate learning system, where on-demand learning content can be generated - I would question the utility of a traditional training needs analysis itself. 

Oracle Learn Cloud - Adoption of Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Learn Cloud (formerly Taleo Learn) introduced Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) based reports from release 15A. BI Reports are in a beta release with existing Insight Reports still available for customers till end of 2015. With the upcoming Oracle Learn Cloud 15B release, Oracle also introduces the capability to define custom BI reports. For more information on Oracle Learn Cloud 15B release, follow this link.