Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PeopleSoft 9.2 feature review - Timesheet sign-off message

A new feature in Time and Labor 9.2 is the ability to display a message to employees on submitting the timesheet. This can be utilised as a sign-off validation of the timesheet by the employee submitting the timesheet. This sign-off message is also printed in the output of the 'Print Timesheet' functionality.
Here is a screenshot of the message displayed to the employee on submitting the timesheet:

Where can this be configured?
This feature can be setup at the Workgroup setup component. The layout of the workgroup component has undergone a bit of change in 9.2. The relevant section where the Sign-Off message can be configured is shown below:

Here's more details on the functionality:
  •  The 'Require Employee Sign-Off on Timesheet' checkbox can be used to display the sign-off message to the employee. If this checkbox is unselected, the sign-off message will not be displayed to the employee.
  • Once the checkbox is selected, then the Message Catalog details that contain the text of the sign-off message will have to be given.
  • The Signature Statement is a non-editable field and displays the detailed text of the message number entered.
Pointers on this functionality:
  1. This message is also printed in the report produced by clicking on the 'Print Timesheet' link on the timesheet page.
  2. This message is displayed only in ESS. If a manager/administrator submits time on behalf of the employee, this message will not be displayed.
  3. Considering that this is intended to be a 'sign-off' message given to employees, I found it a bit strange that the message is displayed after the timesheet submission confirmation page is displayed. It would have been more appropriate if the sign-off message is shown prior to the final timesheet submission, so that employees have an opportunity to acknowledge the submission before the changes are saved in the system.
While we are staying on the workgroup setup page, I would also like to point out the new feature to control whether non-administrators can submit time on behalf of an employee. Notice the checkbox called 'Allow Others to Submit Time for Employee' in the screenshot. Unchecking this checkbox will prevent non-administrators from modifying the timesheet of the employee. This means that only employees and administrators can make changes to an employee's timesheet once this option is unchecked. Managers will still continue to have a read-only access to an employee's timesheet.

One theme that I am seeing in some of these changes in 9.2 Time and Labor -  is increasing time/wage hour compliance. Let it be the print timesheet functionality, timesheet sign-off feature or restricting non-administrators from modifying an employee's timesheet - they all add up to reducing the risk of time related litigations for an organisation. Should help the business case for a 9.2 upgrade!

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