Monday, February 21, 2011

Learning of the day: Group Build and Future effective dates

Group Build functionality in PeopleSoft HCM can be used to group employees together based on flexible parameters. But, one limitation of Group Build is that it does not consider future effective dates, even if the parameters used to build the Group is designed to return future effective date. As mentioned in (or customer connection or metalink, whatever you might want to call!), Group Build is designed to only consider current and historical effective dated rows. This is an important point to keep in mind while designing any process that involves Group Build - "Group Build does not consider future effective dates".


SANSTHA said...

This is really very good information about Group build.

PeopleSoft Maniac said...

It doesn't consider the query security also. I don't know I can call it as a bug or not...

JijuVengal said...

Dear PS Maniac,
Thanks for that bit of info. Yes, that has got to be a bug.

PeopleSoft Maniac said...

Dear Jiju,

We encountered a serious consequence because of this group build inability.

PS Maniac

Vishal said...

Jiju - thanks for this post.
Do you know the underlying tables that need to be migrated for the objects involved in group build process?

Any insight would be helpful.