Monday, March 18, 2013

Finding the navigation(s) of a page/component

I thought that the 'Find Object Navigation' component introduced in v9.1 deserved a mention here. Finding the navigation of a given component or page is a frequent requirement for both technical and functional PeopleSoft consultants. There are a number of SQL statements available that fetches the navigation of a component (you can sample some here and here). But, there is nothing like having a utility on PIA that can be used to query the navigation of an object. This is exactly what the 'Find Object Navigation' component does. You can find this in Main Menu > Enterprise Components > Find Object Navigation. Simply key in either the component or page name and the utility will return the navigations (bread crumb as well as URL) details where the object is registered.
Discussions on finding navigation of objects in PeopleSoft will not be complete without detailing the 'View Menu Item Detail' component. This component goes a step further than the Find Object Navigation utility. The View Menu Item Detail component takes portal object or content reference name and displays extensive details of the portal object including navigation, permission lists, roles and users having access to the navigation. The downside of this utility is that you need to key in the portal object name rather than a component or page name, as is the case with the Find Object Navigation page. For most practical cases, I see myself using the Find Object Navigation utility - may be it would be good to have a link (aah, who uses links when there is related content!) from the Find Object Navigation component to the Menu Item Detail component.

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