Sunday, March 24, 2013

PeopleSoft 9.2 feature review - Page to update ECD in T&L

Earliest Change Date or ECD is a critical definition in PeopleSoft Time and Labor, that controls whether an employee will be picked up for time processing or not. ECD in PeopleSoft Time and Labor is analogous to triggers/trigger effective date in Absence Management/Global Payroll. But, there are important differences between triggers in Absence Management/Global Payroll and ECD in Time and Labor - while we can define the records and fields that should generate a trigger in Absence Management and also manually override the trigger details, there is no such flexibility for manipulating the ECD in Time and Labor. This lack of functionality to change/override the ECD from front end has been a limitation of the T&L product and customers have had to resort to back-end updates whenever a change to the ECD was required (or make a transaction in one of the pages that trigger an ECD change, but this is not recommendable in a production environment).
In v9.2, the product team of Time and Labor has delivered a page from where the Earliest Change Date and the Time Administration status can be changed. Yes, you read it right - changed. The new page in 9.2 for ECD update is given below:

The page can be accessed from: Time and Labor > Process Time > Update TA Status and ECD
Once you select the relevant employees, the ECD and Time Admin status fields can be edited from this page. Some of the use cases for this page are:
1. Exclude certain employees from Time Admin process by changing the TA Status.
2. Force certain employees to be processed by updating the Earliest Change Date.
3. Force the time of certain employees to be processed only from a certain period.

In my opinion, this small enhancement will greatly help consultants involved in the implementation and more importanly, maintenance of Time and Labor.

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