Saturday, March 30, 2013

PeopleSoft 9.2 feature review - Enhanced configurability to timesheet layout

As discussed in previous posts, a major area of enhancement for Time and Labor in v9.2 is the timesheet component. In this post, I would like to briefly introduce enhanced configurability of the timesheet pages that has been delivered in the new version.
The delivered timesheet pages in PeopleSoft contains a number of fields and grids that are selectively used by different customers. It is a common requirement to hide unwanted fields from the timesheet page to improve usability of time reporting transactions. From an implementation consultant's point of view as well as from a total cost of ownership perspective, it is heartening to note that Oracle has introduced further configurability to the layout of the timesheet pages.
The Time Reporting Template setup page has been enhanced to add setup options to control the display of the timesheet page. The Time Reporting Template page can be accessed from
Setup HRMS > Product Related > Time and Labor > Time Reporting > Time Reporting Template.
 In 9.2, you will find a new section in the time reporting template setup page, called 'Timesheet Controls' and a screenshot of the relevant section is given below:

As seen from the above screenshot, the display of a number of sections within the timesheet page can be controlled at the time reporting template setup level. This enhancement should be considered by all consultants during an implementation/upgrade to identify opportunities to drop customisations.
Important points from my analysis on this functionality:
  • The 'Submit Option' field can be used to control whether the submit confirmation page should be displayed after clicking on the 'submit' button in the timesheet pages. You can choose to display the confirmation page or not. Choosing not to display the confirmation page will help to reduce one click in the overall transaction. If ever you felt that this 'one' extra click has to be inconsequential, it turns out that it is not always true. I have faced numerous scenarios where end-users and UAT business testers have demanded the extra clicks presentated after submitting timesheet as well as absence to be removed!
  • The display of 'Apply Rules' button that can be used to trigger real time rules from timesheet, can also be controlled. I find it useful to have the option to also setup whether it should be displayed in ESS or MSS timesheet pages. This is similar to the setup option that we have for forecasting in Absence Management, where forecasting can be enforced at the time of submission of an absence or approval.
  • Note that the 'Print Timesheet' link can also be controlled using this setup.

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