Saturday, October 13, 2012

The story of Abhishek and Teach for India

I've been sharing my learnings on PeopleSoft through this blog for the last many years. I've always thought of this blog as something pedagogical - afterall its the passion to share whatever little I've learnt, that has kept this blog going!
It is indeed easy to sit in a cozy corner of your room, type away on the laptop, create a blog post and pride yourself at the fact that you are 'giving' back to the community! Those little virtual pleasures that we have! In contrast stands the true heroes who yield to a higher calling, give away the comforts of an air-conditioned office and truly give back knowledge to the community.
Today, I want to introduce to you the amazing work being done by my junior from college - Abhishek.
Abhishek left his corporate job over a year ago and started teaching under-privileged kids in India, under the Teach for India program. Today, he is teaching a class of 70 students in the Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil English School in Mumbai.

Abhishek is looking at raising around 76,000 Indian rupees (around 1500 USD/1100 EUR/900 GBP) for his class towards stocking a better library, procuring stationery,funding for national level tests etc. The good news is that they have already been able to collect close to 44% of the target figure.
Through this post, I want to reach out to my readers with a plea to help this wonderful cause and make a difference at the grassroot level! I am sure it will be a life changing experience for the kids in Abhishek's class.
You can make your donations here and a donation of as little as 25 USD can cover the expenses for 1 student for 5 months. Come, make a difference!

Jiju Vengal.

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Abhinay said...

Great Jiju for raising to a wider audience..We should work collectively to raise as such possible to do our small bit.