Sunday, October 28, 2012

PeopleSoft Absence Management v9.1 - Navigation Guide

The navigation maze!
With the myriad pages available in PeopleSoft HCM, navigating through the system and finding the correct page for your requirement can be confusing at times. This is especially true for HR and IT super users of the system, who need to use as many features of the product as possible, to support their customers effectively.
Sensing this need, we have brought out a 'Navigation Guide' for PeopleSoft Absence Management v9.1. This easy to use spreadsheet is organised into different worksheets based on role and summarises the most important navigations in PeopleSoft Absence Management. Our focus has primarily been on summarising the important navigations for the HR Administrators and the IT team maintaining a PeopleSoft navigation. During our interactions with both these teams, we commonly get asked questions like, 'In which Absence Management formula is this variable used?', 'How do I exclude an employee from Absence Management processing temporarily', 'How do I troubleshoot an absence management formula', 'Where do I see the approval details of an absence request' etc.

This navigation guide is an attempt to summarise the important functionalities and it's navigations in PeopleSoft Absence Management, grouped by operational roles.
In the current version, navigations are summarised for the following roles:

1. Employees
2. Managers
3. Absence Administrators
4. IT Team (with links to setup and troubleshooting pages)

Here are some screenshots of the guide -

Figure 1 - A snapshot of the links under the Troubleshooting worksheet. These are pages available within PeopleSoft Absence Management, that can be used by the IT team to troubleshoot issues.

You can download a copy of the navigation guide from here -

For questions/suggestions and clarifications, reach out to

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