Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time Clock vendors for PeopleSoft Time and Labor

Integration with an external time collection device or a time clock is an integral piece to a Time and Labor solution. Time clocks can be used to collect the work punch time of employees, collect task level information, enforce schedule restrictions etc. PeopleSoft Time and Labor provides a bi-directional integration with third party time clocks that allows T&L to send and receive data from time clocks. The interfaces related to time clocks are XML based and utilises PeopleSoft's integration broker technology. This facilitates an open framework where other third party time clocks can consume the time clock related messages from PeopleSoft and send punch data to PeopleSoft in the desired XML format.
It is to be noted here that Oracle has verified integration with some time clock vendors. The advantage of partnering with the time clock vendors with an Oracle verified integration is that there will be a ready made interface supported by both Oracle and the time clock vendor. The time clock vendor will further support any changes that result from upgrades as well. Thus, there are significant advantages for customers to choose time clock vendors that have an Oracle Verified Integration to PeopleSoft Time and Labor.
The vendors with Oracle verified integration are:

1. Accu Time Cesium
3. Timelink

We strongly recommend customers evaluating the implementation of a time clock in a PeopleSoft HCM context, to consider partnering with one of the above three time clock vendors.

Disclosure: Accu Time is a past client of HRoi Consulting, but this post is neither sponsored nor endorsed by Accu Time.

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