Thursday, March 1, 2012

The woYOUrk campaign

I have always been in awe of human potential and talent. The wonders that the human mind and will can achieve is unimaginable and has been the bedrock for all progress. So, I have been convinced from the very start that I need the right people to work with me to take the dream of HRoi forward. People who get high on new thoughts and innovation, people who would go any length to solve a problem, people who create, people who take pride in their work, people who help and mentor others to grow....This was the central thought in our minds when the short campaign for hiring our first employee was released today. A central theme across the various ads we created is the word woYOUrk. It's a simple play with words and is meant to mean 'Putting YOU at the center of work'. We wanted to convey to our potential hires that HRoi offers an environment centered around them. We believe that the purpose of any company is to tap the full potential of it's employees and we are hell bent on doing it. We are ready to put you at the center of work, but are you ready to woYOUrk at HRoi? Mail into

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