Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time and Labor enrollment through Template Based Hire

Enrollment of employees into Time and Labor is a pre-requisite in every PeopleSoft Time and Labor implementation. Most implementations have a custom enrollment process to automate the assignment of Time and Labor attributes to employees. We want to present the option of using Template Based Hires (Smart Hire) to drive the initial Time and Labor enrollment of employees. Template Based Hire is a powerful functionality in PeopleSoft Workforce Administration module, that can be used to fasten the data entry related to hiring an employee in PeopleSoft. Using Template Based Hire, we can create custom templates containing only the fields that are relevant to a company/position. Defaulting of values can also be done for the fields and this helps in reducing the data entry requirements. A Template Based Hire template is made up of multiple sections. Each section contains a list of fields pertaining to a certain functional area. There are delivered Template Sections related to Time and Labor enrollment functionality, that can be added to a Template Based Hire template. If employees using a certain Template have common Time and Labor attributes, the values of the T&L attributes can also be defaulted through the Template Based Hire setup.
This solution of using Template Based Hire templates for Time and Labor enrollment can be applied to implementations where the Time and Labor enrollment details of employees do not change frequently. In such cases, customers might have a lower Total Cost of Ownership using Template Based Hire templates rather than developing a custom process to automate the entire enrollment. 
a screenshot of a Template section related to Time and Labor is given below:

Template Section related to Time and Labor added in a TBH Template
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