Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ongoing maintenance processes to be run for Time and Labor

Most rule based modules in PeopleSoft HCM require maintenance jobs to be run in the system, especially during the start of a new year. PeopleSoft Global Payroll or Absence Management would require the calendars for the new processing year to be created, Absence Management would require the processing calendars and even forecasting calendars to be created, core HR would require the Holiday Schedule for the new year to be created etc. This post details the various maintenance processes that will need to be run in Time and Labor:

1. Build Time and Labor calendars: Time and Labor calendars are extensively used in Rule, Online and Time Administration processing. The Calendar table contains the detailed start and end dates of various Time Periods defined in Time and Labor. As the entire T&L module relies heavily on accurate and up to date values in the T&L Calendar table, it is essential that the calendars are built to cover all days of processing. The Time and Labor calendars can be built using the delivered utility found in the navigation: Setup HRMS > Product Related > Time and Labor > Time Periods > Build Time Period Calendars

2. Load Dates: The Time and Labor dates table is a critical table used extensively in almost every rule template. As this table contains a row for each calendar day with useful details like day of week etc., this table can form a very useful reference point while building certain system wide queries. Just like Time and Labor calendars, it is extremely essential to ensure that the T&L Dates table is also up to date to cover the days being processed. The T&L Dates table can be loaded by the delivered utility in:
Setup HRMS > Install > Product and Country Specific > Time and Labor Installation > Configurations

3. Timezone Offsets: Timezones are extremely important for accurate time processing in Time and Labor. It is used in storing time in the TL_RPTD_TIME table, retrieving the correct time to display on timesheets, day light savings processing etc. Timezone offsets can be created using the 'Generate Query Offset' utility available in the navigation:
Peopletools > Utilities > International > Timezone

The above list more or less capture all the processes that need to be run on an ongoing basis in a PeopleSoft Time and Labor system. We believe that it's important to dwell upon the considerations that need to be given to the above processes during the system solution design. Some important questions to be raised are:

a. Who will have the responsibility of running these processes on a periodic basis? Will it fall under the Business umbrella or will this be an IT maintenance activity? This will also have implications to the security design of the implementation.

b. Should there be any automatic alert mechanism if any of the above tables are not accurate or will it be a manual process to check the data sufficiency of the above tables?

c. For how many years should the above tables be built during the initial implementation?

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