Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simulating Time Collection Devices using Peoplesoft Handler Tester Utility

What would you do if you had to send adhoc punches from a TCD to Peoplesoft for testing and you don't have access to a TCD or an immediate mechanism to send offline punches? Use the Peoplesoft Delivered Handler Tester utility. Handler Tester is a tool where you can feed the XML file and simulate the invocation of the handler of a Service Operation. It is an excellent utility while you are developing any service operation.
Any punch time interface that comes from a TCD calls the PUNCHED_TIME_ADD Service Operation. Extract the XML of the message (this can be easily taken from the Service Operation monitor) and make appropriate changes to the XML file (like adding the correct EMPLID, PUNCH_DTTM, PUNCH_TYPE etc.) and submit the XML to the tester using the 'Provide XML' button. To fire the handler - click on 'Execute Event'. If the handler was fired a text - 'Done' will be displayed below the Execute Event button. Check the Process Monitor to see whether there is an instance of the ST_LOADER AE. The handler calls the ST_LOADER AE that actually loads the punch time to the TL_RPTD_TIME table. I found it to be a very handy mechanism to simulate the action of TCDs.
A snapshot of the Handler Tester page is given below:


Tommy said...

Hi there, I am using this utility but the actual data in the file is not hitting the TL tables...when I go into the 'Review TCD Errors' page the transactions error with 'Field Required' issues...always on 4 fields 'ADD_DELETE_IND', 'EMPLID', 'PUNCH_DTTM', and 'PUNCH_TYPE'. My test file contains data in these fields so I am stumped. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

JijuVengal said...

Hi Tommy,
Thanks for dropping by. Can you send over to me the XML file you are using for the PUNCH_TIME_ADD service operation.


"Hey! U r a real cool guy you!", i said to myself! said...


I am having a similar issue as Tommy.

But I am using SOAP based custom web services with App Class as handler.

I notice that my request message fields are always blank although there is data in it.

Any help would be appreciated.