Friday, March 13, 2009

Calendars related to T&L that needs periodic update

This was a question posed today in the popular forum ittoolbox. The question was about all the calendars related to T&L that required periodic update. This should be on the checklist of every implementation to have a yearly check to ensure that the following are up to date:

1. T&L Time Period Calendars which can be found in Setup HRMS --> Product Related --> Time and Labor --> Periods. Time Period Calendars are critical for the Time Administration process to find the Period of Interest (POI) and for T&L rules. These calendars will have to be built on a periodic basis.

2. Holiday Schedule has to be updated every year to reflect the statutory holidays of a year. The Holiday Schedule is a common HRMS definition shared across various modules like AM, GP, NA Payroll, T&L etc.

3. Time and Labor dates table which can be found in the second tab of the Time and Labor installation page will also have to be built periodically.

4. Time Zone Offset table found in Peopletools, International folder also has to be updated as necessary. The Time Zone offset table is used in a number of T&L processes and they will not run unless and until the table is populated by using the 'Generate Query Offset' feature.

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