Saturday, September 5, 2015

Adding a Widget into the Classic WYSIWYG Page editor in Taleo Learn

With 15A version of Oracle Learn Cloud (formerly Taleo Learn), Oracle has introduced the first version of widgets. Widgets are an alternative to the existing dynamic objects, presented with responsive page design and a much more slick UI. The first (and only) widget available with 15A/15B is the widget for Learning Plans. A sample is given below.

As documented, the widgets can be embedded only into the new page designer introduced with 15A and cannot be directly embedded into the classic WYSISYG pages. But, there is a workaround for you to achieve this. Follow the below steps:

1. Create the Widget
2. Create a Page and embed the Widget in the page
3. Open up the classic WYSIWYG page, where you want to invoke the widget
4. In the HTML section, add the below code:

For Page Number - give the page number generated in step 2
For PageName - give the page name provided in step 2

A sample is given below:

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