Sunday, December 4, 2011

The big news: SAP to acquire SuccessFactors

This is one heck of a merger - SAP to acquire SuccessFactors. With one single move, SAP has moved as a strong vendor in the cloud based HCM market. Follow the news here:

One of the most exciting piece of news I've read in the HCM space of late. This just goes on to highlight the importance people are placing on HCM software and more importantly, the technical shift that is happening in the market at present. Another strong indicator of a cloud based future for HCM software. Really interested in the move by Oracle now! Will they stick on with Fusion alone or go ahead to 'fuse' with another HCM cloud vendor in the market? Workday may be?!!

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Sri said...

Yes ,Workday will be powerful HCM cloud vendor ....but Work day need to come up with economic implementation and support costs