Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Principal goes live on Oracle Fusion HCM

As news goes, the financial services giant, Principal Group has gone live on Fusion HCM. Follow the media release below:


kranthi natuva said...

Hi Jiju,

It is a real privilege to go through each of your posts. I learned a lot of new things by going through your posts. I wonder why I did not get a chance to go through this blog before and no one told me about this blog.
I came to know that Fusion HCM version-1 does not include T&L.
Is this true? Is Oracle planning to include T&L in their next Fusion release. Please let me know.


JijuVengal said...

Hi Kranthi,
Thanks a lot for your generous comments - just trying to share some things I learned on the way. Write to me at or comment me on LinkedIn - liked some of your posts on ittoolbox, let's stay connected.