Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Idea: A Facebook 'Like' or 'Share' on PeopleSoft pages

The 'Facebook share' and 'like' buttons are commonplace in most websites today. I think it will be a wonderful idea to have this feature in some of the PeopleSoft pages, especially the candidate facing pages in Recruitment. This will allow candidates to share the job postings on their Facebook/Twitter profile and should help spread the word!


DuncanDavies said...

Along a similar line, I've often considered knocking up a Facebook-like activity stream within PeopleSoft. For example "xxx just ran the payroll", "yyy filled the manager vacancy at store 123", "it's zzz's birthday today" etc.

I've never quite got around to it though.

JijuVengal said...

Hi Duncan,
Thanks for dropping by! Absolutely, that would be awesome to have on a portal. Thinking more on it, I feel Learning Management is another area that can very well go social. Feedback for a class can be instant by using like or unlike, participants of a class should be able to share the session video on their profile which will encourage others to attend the session and like you said it will be good to have a feed going to friends after a person completes a course saying 'XX just finished attending a course on ...' or 'XX just enrolled into a course on...' or what about something in the lines of location based services like Facesquare which would say 'XX checked into a classroom training on...'. It is also a great way to 'recommend' quizzes/assessments to other like 'XX took a quiz on ....Can you beat his score?'. Well, the possibilities look exciting, but is PS the right platform for these?