Friday, March 4, 2011

PeopleSoft Time and Labor/Absence Management Pagelets

Want to take a minute and introduce to you some very powerful delivered pagelets related to Time and Labor and Absence Management. These pagelets bring together actionable T&L and AM data to a single page and it's generally very well received by customers.

1. Workforce Availability Pagelet: The workforce availability pagelet is ideal for organizations that rely heavily on scheduling, time clocking and require a real time snapshot of the availability of employees on the work floor. It takes data from schedules, time and labor, absence management and even the training information interfaced from PeopleSoft ELM. The best part of this pagelet is that it directly queries the respective transaction tables and thus real time information is displayed. For example, if an employee punches in PeopleSoft Time and Labor, the 'Currently Clocked In' row will get updated. So, it's a pretty useful source of real time Time and Attendance information for shift managers. A sample screen is shown below:

2. Time Management Alerts pagelet: This one is a must have for any T&L/Absence Management implementation. This pagelet displays any pending approval that is required from a manager and is a great addition on the manager's portal homepage. Note that I have found an issue with this pagelet related to the 'Absence Approval Required' field in version 9.1/tools 8.50. The alert for the absence approval gets turned on only after an absence is approved!! I hope there is a fix coming for that sometime soon. But overall it's a very useful pagelet that consolidates approval information from both T&L and AM. A sample screen of this pagelet is shown below:

Note that these pagelets are configurable and fields that are not used/required can be hidden using a configuration page available that lets supervisors turn off rows that are not required.


spicysals said...

hi there, do you have to have workflow in place for the approval stats to appear in the TL pagelet?

JijuVengal said...

Hello Spicysals,
Thanks for dropping a comment. The time management alerts will require workflow to be setup.


harmeet said...

Hi Jiju,

I need to edit the delivered pagelets for absence management but I am not able to find the pagelet for edit.

can you please let me know from where we can see the delivered pagelet and modify the query behind the same.

HRoi Consulting said...

Hello Harmeet,
Thanks for dropping a note!
Pagelets can be developed either using the Pagelet Wizard utility or can be Components developed in App Designer. I would recommend you to navigate to Peopletools > Portal > Structure and Content > Portal Objects > Pagelets > HRMS.
There you will see the content reference of most T&L and AM pagelets. From the content reference you can get to know the source of the pagelet. For eg. the Employee Leave Summary pagelet is actually a component (HR_PE_EMPL_LEAVE).
Hope this helps!

And keep visiting us!