Thursday, April 1, 2010

After a long hiatus - Looking up to 2010!

Time lost is lost forever - true and I've had three full months without any new posts....Personally it's been an exciting period for me - moving out of the lax groove of bachelorhood, being married to the woman I love and finding that the 'life' in 'work-life balance' indeed does exist!
Eventhough it's three months into the new year, let me wish all of you a wonderful year ahead - a year full of new and fruitful experiences and learning!
I am sure that 2010 is going to be more exciting than the last two years which saw companies freezing investment on HR projects eclipsed by the worst recession since 1930s. Things have already started to look up - companies are hiring Peoplesoft consultants in scores and dozens, organisations have lapped up version 9.1 in a big way and HRIT projects seem to be getting favour once again!
So, what is going to be my theme and focus in the year ahead? Undoubtedly it's got to be about finding better ways to give customers a better deal in Peoplesoft Time and Pay implementations. I believe it's time for us to offer specialised and holistic solutions in this space to our customers and look beyond words like 'deployment' or 'implementation'. Undoubtedly, any time and pay HR suite (includes Time and Labor, Absence Management and Payroll solutions) has a direct impact on the company's financials and it's extremely critical to get it right the first time. I am convinced that we have a long way to go in this space - simply implementing certain modules will not work in this case as any time and pay implementation requires extensive integration between the modules as well as with external systems, requires tight audits and most importantly, the real life scenarios are extremely difficult to simulate in a test environment. I will not be exaggerating when I say that there are a number of customers out there who are bleeding thousands of dollars every pay period due to the issues with their time and pay systems - don't they require a better deal? I am convinced that they do and it will be difficult to achieve that with the current approach to Peoplesoft implementation.
My focus over the next few months will be on conceptualising a better framework and approach to time and pay system adoption and this blog will be my mouthpiece!

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Saurabh Rauniyar said...

Hey Jiju...This is Saurabh (haddi) r ya buddy...i have a question for you on Leave Management...we are not using Absence Mgmnt and are on HCM8.9...Our org has developed a java page for Employees to track their PTO/BTO information (used and unused) real time. For this we are using PS_TL_COMPLEAV_TBL cause PS_LEAVE_ACCRUAL table doesn't has real time value as we run accrual once in two weeks. The problem we are facing is suppose an Employee is terminated and paid for her PTO/BTO and after some time she joins org again...TL_QUANTITY field contains her PTO/BTO for which she was paid and we end up showing wrong PTO/BTO data. Can you please let me know if there is another PS table where we have recent PTO/BTO data for an Employee.