Thursday, June 19, 2008

Power Packed Time and Labor

Time and Labor is the native Peoplesoft application that captures the ‘time-at-work’ of your employees. It is an extremely powerful and comprehensive application that can greatly simplify effort capturing, reporting and interfacing requirements of your organizations. The innate capabilities of this product make it an extremely strong choice for the time capturing requirements of your organization. So what makes Peoplesoft Time and Labor, the preferred product?

Employee’s Perspective:

Ø Feature to enter time for any preferred time period. This makes time reporting seamless for employees. Employees can choose to enter time for a Day, Week, Month or any other period that they wish to choose.

Ø Feature to enter Mass Time. The Mass Time feature lets employees handle scenarios where they want to report a certain effort/time-off for an extended period of time (like vacation for one month). Complete time entry for such a scenario can be completed over three mouse clicks! It does not get easier than this!

Ø Pre-delivered reports: Peoplesoft Time and Labor come with powerful reports that show employees the summary and detail of their reported time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The employees can even compare their reported time to the scheduled time for any given day.

Ø Excellent notification features: Peoplesoft Time and Labor will notify employees when their manager approves/denies any of their reported time. This is again highly configurable and can be turned off if not required.

Ø Feature to view Payable Components separately: Not all reported time may be paid out to the employees and at times, the time reporting rules might create certain payable time for the employees. Peoplesoft Time and Labor provides separate reports to view the time that will be paid out to payroll.

Ø Mobile Time Feature: A powerful feature that lets employees report time on the move. Employees can report time while not connected to the Peoplesoft environment through their PDAs, Laptops etc.

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