Thursday, July 10, 2008

Peoplesoft Time and Labor Setup Guide: Summary

Having completed over seven end to end roll outs in Peoplesoft Time and Labor - my team recently decided to design a quick implementation package for Peoplesoft Time and Labor implementations. This package contains ready made data loading programs for every T&L setup component, a complete T&L design strategy guide which talks about the best practices in designing the various data elements, ready made Peoplesoft HRMS to Time and Labor integration program, an exhaustive Client Questionnaire gathered from our experience that will help the team capture even the smallest client requirement at the earliest stage, a Data Collection form for all T&L components and a reported time mass load program. These tools will drastically reduce the implementation time for any T&L implementation and is a ready reckoner for any organisation going for a T&L implementation.

Pasted below is a summary of the setup sequence as well as set up methodology for all T&L components, an excerpt from the setup guide.

Setup Component

Data Loading Method

T&L Installation


Time Zone Offset


Time Periods


Pay System


TRC Category




TRC Program

Manual/AE depending on volume of data

Compensatory Time Off Plan


Override Reason Code


Time Reporting Template




Schedule Group


Schedule Definition


Holiday Schedule


Value List


Template Built Rule


Rule Program


Task Template


Task Profile


Task Group


Time Administration Options


TL Permission List Security


Dynamic Group Creation


Employee Enrolment


Compensation Plan Enrolment


Schedule Assignment



psoft said...

It is really good information!!! I have a question reg TRC load using AE, what is the AE name to load TRCs?

JijuVengal said...

Hello Psoft,
Thank you for leaving your comment. There is no delivered AE or CI to load TRCs in Peoplesoft. We have ready made AEs to load all the set up components mentioned.
Let me know by mail

Myna said...

Wonderful blog. Keep it up..

Maurice Frank said...


>> my team recently decided to design a quick implementation package for Peoplesoft Time and Labor implementations.

Sounds useful, how can I get more information?

Maurice Frank

rajiv said...

Hi Jiju,

How can I get Client Questionnaire for Time & labor?

Maverick_1979 said...

Is it possible to share information you have gathered for T&L to have a better understanding and be more productive on T&L module.


janetkrews said...

I would love to get this guide you mention in the post. Is there any way to get my hands on one?

Vinod said...

Good thought... can you please send me a copy.

Paresh Redkar said...

Good job with this post. We are implementing T&L for my organisation. Can you send me the guide you mention in the post. Is there any way to get my hands on one?

Pete said...

Just something I was looking at. Can I also get this information? That would help me a lot. Great Blog.


Thanks a ton.

Terrence Jay said...

Hi I'm a neophyte in implementing Time and Labor. Can you please send me the guide? Thank you very much

Divya said...

Hi Jiju,
I've read thru all your posts related to T&L. Very informative. Could you please send me the Time and labor Setup Guide? Thanks!
My email:

JijuVengal said...

Hi Divya/All,
Thanks for dropping by.
The setup guide and tools have been compiled after many hours of research and work at our side. I would be happy to answer any specific question that you might have on PeopleSoft Time and Pay modules, but if you need a copy of the setup guide or any further consulting services, it would come at a modest price!


Unknown said...

Hi Jiju,

Can you please let me know how to enable T&L on an existing HRMS App.
Do we need to have Installation CDs again with licnese from oracle for adding a module and install it.
I have a demo environment on Tools 8.49. Please let me know
mail id :
Thank you.

Cláudio Boaretto said...

Dear friends,
While in Brazil Time and Labor has not received a location, we have a specific legislation here.
Yet some companies purchase the product and thus made ​​some customizations in order to adapt it to the needs of the basic law.
I would like to receive this material Implementation, since I never deployed and my knowledge are only in HCM.
Please send to

Thank you!

Cláudio Boaretto